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የዚህ ሳምንት አሁድየሬዲዮ ስርጭት

20190407 Radio Program






Interview with Prof. Al Mariam



Interview with Dr. Girma Berhanu and Ato Amdom Gebresilassie.

ከዶ/ር ግርማ ብርሃኑ እና ከአቶ ኣምዶም ገብረስላሴ ጋር የተደረገ ቃለ ምልልስ።












with Journalist Eskendir Nega   2018-04-22

Interview 2018-03-04


Interview with Jawar Mohammed

Interviews 2018-02-25

  1. Interview with Andualem Arage


  1. Interview with Mrs Emawayish


  1. Interview with Wotat Berhanu


Interview  about Rom sport festival



  • Interview with Dr. Aklog Birara (2017-01-15)


  • Interview with Mrs Anna Gomez from EU Parlament



  • Interview with Ato Ermias Legesse about the new released book "Ye-Meles Lekakit" and Ethiopian situation  November 13, 2016.





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Interview with Eskindir Nega


Ethiopian Center, Sweden 2014